COMPELCEOs is an exclusive Peer Advisory & Mastermind Think Tank membership of non-competitive CEOs/Presidents/COOs/Owners with demonstrable accelerated growth & profit where industry high valuations have been realized. Group members have stayed for over a decade based on the accountability and commitment of members helping focus at monthly meetings on one another’s issues with no hidden agendas, along with periodic world-class Professional Development speakers, individual coaching by experienced Chairs and an annual summit of over 200 Business Leaders. Your Partner in helping build your business; you don’t have to go it alone!

  • COMPEL Members have tripled their company size in the last 10 years.
  • Three COMPEL Members have sold their businesses for industry high multiples in excess of $275 million.
  • COMPEL Members stay in compel an average of 12+ years.

What COMPELCEO Members Are Saying:

  • Belonging to COMPEL CEOs should be a pre-requisite to being at the helm of any business enterprise.

    Dan Corcoran
    CEO & President, ServiceSPAN
  • Having a group of other business owners to talk to has been invaluable for my company’s growth.

    Tom Gesky
    President, Secure Path Networks
  • COMPEL CEOs has saved me from making countless mistakes and allowed me to take advantage of special opportunities.

    Jonathan White
    Executive Vice President, White Coffee Corp.

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(516) 626-9256

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